Aluminum Windows Repair & Replacement in Chicago, IL

Aluminum Windows Repair & Replacement in Chicago, IL

Do you need to repair or replace an aluminum window? Our window maintenance specialists fix your windows as soon as possible to make them safe and energy efficient.

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<span class="darken">Aluminum Windows Issues</span> We Can Help You With

Aluminum Windows Issues We Can Help You With

To ensure your windows work, it’s critical to pinpoint small problems and resolve them before they’re serious. As a leading aluminum window company, we can fix various issues like:


Aluminum Window Pitting

Windows are susceptible to damage – from harsh weather to worn-out thermal breaks or a wayward baseball. Our technicians will restore your windows for optimal performance.

Broken Aluminum Window Locks and Latches

Dirt and grime build up around locks and latches, preventing windows from working correctly. We can easily replace your damaged locks and latches with new ones.

Resealing the Frame Joints

Damaged frame joints allow hot and cold air to enter and escape your building, which is why regular maintenance and assessment are necessary. If you're unsure, our team can inspect and replace them.

Cracked Glass on Aluminum Framed Windows

A small crack can break an entire glass window, especially near the frame joints. Rather let our aluminum fabricators remove and replace the glass to restore aesthetics and safety.
<span class="darken">Types of Aluminum Windows</span> We Repair in Chicago

Types of Aluminum Windows We Repair in Chicago

Here at Apex Window Werks, we specialize in every type of commercial and residential aluminum window installation and repair, including the following window shapes and styles:

Double-Hung Aluminum Windows

When double-hung windows are opened, the sashes remain inside the frame and don’t protrude. In most cases, they have two panels that slide up and down.

Bay Windows

Bay windows have three or more windows arranged at various angles, extending outward from a building to enlarge the space and let in more natural light.

Bow Windows

By projecting beyond the building’s exterior wall, bow windows create a sense of space and allow a broader view of the landscape or street

Aluminum Frame Casement Windows

Casement windows are attached to their frames by one or more side hinges. They’re designed for spaces where the height of the window opening is greater than its width.

Awning Aluminum Windows

Awning windows have a wider width than height. In other words, when open, the raised glass forms a shelter like an awning over the window opening. 

Picture Windows

Picture windows are single-paned windows that frame the view outside like a picture. They are usually larger than regular windows and fixed, meaning they do not open

Basement Windows

As the name suggests, basement windows are installed in the basement of a building. They are typically used to provide ventilation and light to the basement.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows open horizontally by sliding along the top and bottom of the window track. They provide beautiful, unobstructed views of a property’s surroundings.

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<span class="darken">Chicago Aluminum Window</span> Repair Services

Chicago Aluminum Window Repair Services

Whether you require an aluminum window frame repair, glass replacement, or new hinges on an opening sash, you can rely on Apex Window Werks. Our experienced team will solve your aluminum window issues quickly and stress-free.

For the past 15 years, we’ve fixed residential and commercial property windows in Chicago and surrounding areas, offering various products to fit our client’s budgets and needs.

If you’re looking for flawless workmanship and affordability, that’s us. As a licensed and insured window repair company, we’ll minimize any convenience while improving window aesthetics, functionality, and safety.

Our team is on standby to solve any window repair emergencies. Regardless of the job size, we’re a popular choice for aluminum windows in Chicago because we provide the best possible service.

Trusted Chicago Aluminum Window Repair & Replacement Company

15 Years of Experience

15 Years of Experience

Since our inception, we’ve completed over 40,000 window glass repair projects. As a leading aluminum windows repair company, we’ve fixed many commercial and residential aluminum windows in Chicago and surrounding areas.

Approved by Leading Brands

Approved by Leading Brands

To meet the needs of both residential and commercial customers, we only offer products from aluminum window companies that have trusted and robust track records.

Guaranteed 5-Year Warranty

Guaranteed 5-Year Warranty

Our manufacturing process and installation quality are constantly monitored to ensure our customers receive the highest-quality windows on the market. We also provide a five-year comprehensive warranty.

<span class="white">Clients</span><br>Reviews


Apex Window Werks replaced the foggy glass on our kitchen window. From the first call I made for inquiry to the day they installed the glass, everything went smoothly. From the first person I spoke to on the phone, to the couple of gentlemen who installed the glass, everyone was easy to talk to and they were all very professional. Highly recommended!

Ofelia Miguel, Joliet, IL

Service technicians were polite and professional. They removed damaged parts of the window, cut new pieces to fit, stained the wood, and installed them nicely. The team cleaned up as if they were never there. I would recommend Apex Windows Werks for your window repair. Friends living near me ordered window repairs based on my recommendation as well.

Glenn Kaupert Chicago, IL

Had someone come out to look at a few windows I'm having issues with - none of them needed replacements at the moment but the technician was incredibly kind and informative. I feel confident about caring for my current windows, I know what to look for to let me know replacements are needed, and I will definitely be coming back to Apex when that is the case. Thank you!

Alyssa Nickow, Elgin, IL

I was thrilled that Apex Windows Werks had the right parts, and was able to come right out and repair my window on site. They were very prompt, and they saved me quite a bit of money over the replacement quote I got from another window company that didn’t do repairs.

Eric Hoffhines, Schaumburg, IL

Chicago Aluminum Window Repair FAQ

How much does the aluminum window repair cost in Chicago?

Many factors impact repair costs, but when you choose aluminum professionals like Apex Window Werks, you can always count on professional and reliable service. Contact us for a free quote.

How long do the aluminum window repairs take?

Most of the time, we can repair aluminum windows in one day. Of course, this depends on the nature of the project. Our technicians always work as swiftly and efficiently.

Should I repair or replace aluminum windows?

It is possible to fix many window issues with the help of a repair technician. But sometimes it makes more sense to replace your windows. If in doubt, we’ll review your broken window to determine the best solution.

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