French Door Repair and Glass Replacement

French Door Repair and Glass Replacement

We are a leading french door repair company specializing in door glass replacement, repair, and installation. Apex Window Werks services all makes and models of glass french doors.

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<span class="darken">Our French Door Glass Replacement</span> & French Door Repair Services

Our French Door Glass Replacement & French Door Repair Services

Every owner of a backyard wants easy access via an exterior door. Usually, French exterior doors are the most elegant option. Their varieties include manual and electronic models with control integrated into smart home systems. Taking care of French door hardware mechanisms extends your door’s longevity. Among the screen doors we replace, repair, and maintain are sliding, folding, swinging, and French doors.

From sticking, sagging, and squeaking to dents, damage, or leaks, with one call, you'll have one of our insured and qualified professionals repair your French door.
Our knowledge and skill give us the expertise to offer unique designs and customized replacements for doors that other companies cannot. We have the perfect glass panes for French door window pane replacement and glass repair.
We can replace a damaged door, including its frame, door knobs, and window panes. Apex Window Werks has a variety of custom glass solutions that adhere to our customers' French door installation needs.

French Door Hardware Repair

We take special care with hardware and embellishment repairs. You can trust Apex Window Werks has the tools and experience to get the job done right.

Common French Door Issues We Help with


Rotted Door Frame

Removing and replacing the affected wood is the only way to repair a rotten door frame. In this case, we’ll cut away and replace the rotten section of your door. We may need to install a new door frame if left for too long.


Foggy Glass

Sometimes moisture seeps between window panes and forms a milky film on the glass. Rather than replacing the entire door, we’ll determine the cause of the condensation and conduct French door glass repair on the affected pane (if possible) – saving you time and money.


Broken Window Panes

French door glass replacements allow you to keep your doors and door frames while updating and upgrading broken window panes. We provide quality services and superior French door window replacement that guarantee satisfaction.

<span class="darken">Common French Door Issues</span> We Help with

While French doors are quite easy to maintain, that’s not to say you won’t occasionally run into some problems. Apex Window Werks can fix it for you, whether broken hinges, screws, or opaque windows.

Looking for ‘door experts near me?’ We’re here to help!

Looking for a French door installation near me? If your doors need to be updated or function better, give us a call. We provide quality service at competitive rates.

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Our French Door Glass Replacement Projects


Rotten Wood Frame Repair

Duration: 3 hrs / Chicago


Full Window Replacement

Duration: 5 hrs / Naperville

Our Process

Our Process

Here’s what to expect when you hire Apex Window Werks for French door installation or repairs:

  1. A French door specialist will assess the damage and take any necessary measurements at your home. We’ll then send you a quote within 24 hours of their visit.
  2. If the repair is simple, our repairman will complete it on-site. However, should parts need to be ordered, they’ll board up the broken glass, order a new pane, door or hardware and schedule a follow-up appointment to complete the installation.
  3. Once your French door repairs or installation is complete, our professional technicians will ensure the area is clean and safe.

Handling broken glass in your house can be dangerous, so we advise getting professional help.

At Apex Window Werks, we offer tempered and laminated glass replacement. Compared to regular glass, tempered glass is more robust and more durable. When broken, it will shatter into dull, rounded cubes instead of sharp, jagged pieces. Another type of safety glass is laminated glass, which resists wind, heat, and impact. It also reduces glare and controls UV (ultraviolet) radiation well.

Trusted French Door Repair Company

15 Years of Experience in Window and Doors Works

15 Years of Experience in Window and Doors Works

During the past 15 years, we have completed more than 40,000 projects – including French door repair. Our team provides safety and peace of mind for businesses and homeowners.

We Guarantee Quality Work

We Guarantee Quality Work

Our technicians are trained, experienced, and equipped to handle any job. With our quality service, we can guarantee that your French doors will last a lifetime!

Quick, Easy, and Cost-Effective

Quick, Easy, and Cost-Effective

We constantly work hard to keep our service affordable and the process smooth and straightforward for customers. At Apex Window Werks, you’re guaranteed the finest French installation!

<span class="white">Clients</span><br>Reviews


These guys are fantastic! Extremely quick turnaround from accurate estimate to excellent installation. Competitive prices, outstanding customer service, superior work ethic.

Susan Guenther

Very good experience…. They fixed our problem for a reasonable price and in a timely manner… thank you

Ronald Gazija

I needed 5 windows that were foggy repaired. I called the company for a quote and the estimator was at my home 3 days later. He was on time and very knowledgeable. I had my quote before he left. I had an appointment for repair 3 days later. The installer was on time, professional and did a great job. I am impressed with the services.

Nel Scott

FAQs about French Glass Door Repair

How fast can you replace a French door window pane?

Our technicians can complete French doors glass replacement on-site if the repair is simple and parts do not need to be ordered. This won’t take more than a few hours.

How long does glass replacement take?

French door double-pane glass replacement or single-pane replacement takes a few hours. Keep in mind the process will be longer if we need to order the glass and replace your French door. We work as fast and efficiently as possible.

Get Your Free Estimate Today!

Get Your Free Estimate Today!

If your French doors have worn-out hardware and damaged seals or you are experiencing glass problems – do not wait any longer. Call Apex professionals immediately for an easy fix!