Window Repair Company

Window Repair Company

Need reliable and cost-effective window repair services? Look no further than Apex Window Werks! Our experienced home window repair company restores windows to their original condition while saving you up to 75% on refurbishment costs. Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to your home’s design and architecture- call us today!

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<span class="darken">Our Window Repair</span> & Replacement Services

Our Window Repair & Replacement Services

At Apex Window Werks, our goal is to provide our customers with assistance and satisfaction. We begin by evaluating what is necessary for your windows and then move forward.

If your glass has cracks or other issues, our team can repair it quickly and affordably. However, window glass replacement is the only option if it is broken. Hire us to repair your glass today!
Sometimes there's no structural damage to the window, and the hardware - the locking mechanism, the hinges, or the crank - must be repaired or replaced. Luckily, we have all the parts you need.
We offer insulated glass units, tempered glass, laminated glass, door glass, skylight glass, window springs, patio door rollers, handles, and a full line of vinyl replacement windows.
We restore the beauty and functionality of your old windows. Our services often include replacing weatherstripping, repairing or replacing broken glass, and restoring the paint and/or finish of the window frames to like-new.
You need emergency glass repair when your life gets interrupted by an event resulting in broken glass, broken windows, or doors. Apex Window Werks provides repairs when you need them.
Our window caulking services detect and repair damage to your window seals. We remove debris and old caulk, then apply a fresh layer to ensure an airtight window with a neat finish.
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We provide the highest quality repair and restoration, so your windows stay clean and pristine.

Window Issues We Can Help You with


Foggy Window Repair

Our team of experts can provide you with new glass panes or even a new window frame if needed. We specialize in single, double, and triple-paned glass, giving you the perfect window to fit your needs.


Rotten Frame Repair

We offer wood window frame repairs and restoration services to address common frame rot caused by aging. Our team will remove decay, replace damaged portions with new wood, and repair entire frames.


Rotten Sill Repair

The wood sills in your home can quickly be repaired or restored to prevent air and water from leaking through, which can cause mold and other damage. We’ll keep your windows looking fresh.


Window Leak

Depending on the extent of the damage, some of the steps involved in leak repair may include: patching the leak, resealing the area, replacing windows, replacing drywall, replacing insulation, and/or repairing any water-damaged surfaces.


Window Balance Repair

Have trouble with your window sash not opening and closing smoothly? We’ll replace it with a new one compatible with the window hardware, allowing your window to operate smoothly and effortlessly.


Heat Loss

Whether you have a malfunctioning or old components, lousy installation, or maladjusted windows, Apex Window Werks can extend your windows’ life and improve performance with installation maintenance or more minor fixes.

<span class="darken">Window Issues</span> We Can Help You with

There are numerous possible causes for the need for window repair services, including both manufacturing defects and operational malfunctions. Apex Window Werks can help with cracked/broken glass, warped and rotting frames, inadequate seals, damaged screens and window insulation, foggy windows, glass replacement, and more. Whatever the issue, we’ll fix your window’s operating system.

Window Types We Repair

Window Types We Repair

Apex Window Werks uses the highest quality materials to ensure your windows are secure and long-lasting. We also provide custom-made windows that can be tailored to your exact specifications.

Wood Window Repair

We provide solutions to rotten frames, insect infestations, and sticky joints so you can enjoy your wood windows’ full potential. No matter the type of wood or style, we’ll restore your windows’ natural beauty.

Vinyl Window Repair

Hail damage, heavy winds, and extreme heat are just some things mother nature throws at your UPVC windows. Our team can help you keep your property’s window frames looking good as new.

Aluminum Window Repair

We offer maintenance and fix issues on all brands of aluminum windows. From hinges to rollers and minor to major repairs – we have you covered with quick and hassle-free solutions.

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We provide the highest quality repair and restoration, so your windows stay clean and pristine.

<span class="darken">Window</span> Repair

Window Repair

Windows are a common feature of all buildings, and while they can provide protection against the elements and intruders, they do not last forever. Repairs and replacements are integral in maintaining your home’s integrity. Apex Window Werks is the perfect choice for swift and reliable service.

Our experts have provided residential and commercial window repair and replacement services for years. We have the necessary skills and tools to do any job efficiently. Trust our skilled team to ensure affordability and the highest quality craftsmanship.

We guarantee the quality of our products and the installation and will always ensure the work is done right, on time, and within budget.

Trusted Window Repair Company

Fifteen Years of Experience in Replacing Window Glass

Fifteen Years of Experience in Replacing Window Glass

For the past 15 years, we have provided window glass repair services in Chicago and multiple states, completing more than 40,000 projects that bring comfort and security to our happy clients.

We Use Approved Leading Window Brands

We Use Approved Leading Window Brands

Working with leading glass manufacturers is highly recommended to ensure you get the highest quality and most reliable glass products. They have the most advanced technology and the best manufacturing processes for producing glass products that meet the highest standards.

A 5-Year Warranty

A 5-Year Warranty

We regularly monitor our manufacturing process and window glass installation to meet the highest standards. As part of our commitment to excellence, we also provide a 5-year comprehensive warranty.

<span class="white">Words</span> from<br>Our Clients

Words from
Our Clients

Apex Window Werks replaced the foggy glass on our kitchen window. From the first call I made for inquiry to the day they installed the glass, everything went smoothly. From the first person I spoke to on the phone, to the couple of gentlemen who installed the glass, everyone was easy to talk to and they were all very professional. Highly recommended!

Ofelia Miguel, Joliet, IL

Service technicians were polite and professional. They removed damaged parts of the window, cut new pieces to fit, stained the wood, and installed them nicely. The team cleaned up as if they were never there. I would recommend Apex Windows Werks for your window repair. Friends living near me ordered window repairs based on my recommendation as well.

Glenn Kaupert Chicago, IL

The team at Apex Window Werks did a great job at replacing a trapezoidal picture window. They were quick, accurate and very thorough. I highly recommend them, will use again when needed. Thanks!!!

Mark Lachiw

FAQs about Window Repair

How much does window repair cost?

Window repair service costs vary depending on the window type and the damage’s extent. Factors such as size, materials, complexity, and other repairs needed can affect the repair cost. Why not contact our team for a quote?

Do you help with commercial projects too?

Yes! We also specialize in commercial glass replacement and window repair. Whether it’s an office window or storefront glass, Apex Window Werks will maintain your commercial property’s safety, security, and aesthetic appeal.

How long will my window repair take?

If it’s just a matter of adjusting or replacing a few parts, it may take a few hours. However, if the entire window needs to be replaced, it could take longer. Only once our team has assessed the damage will they know.

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Get a Free Estimate Today!

Our experienced technicians will make sure your windows are fixed quickly and professionally. Don’t waste your time; call us to repair your home window.