Wood Window Repair Services

Wood Window Repair Services

Need wooden window repair in Chicago? You are in the right place. With 15 years of experience, a 5-year warranty, and approval from leading window brands, we are the go-to experts for high-quality wood window repairs.

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<span class="darken">Our Wood window</span> repair & replacement services

Our Wood window repair & replacement services

Our team works quickly to offer the highest quality Chicago wood window restoration for the lowest prices. Here are some window problems we can solve for you.

Our glass replacement services include replacing insulated (including double and triple panes) units, broken glass on custom windows, fogged glass repairs, patio door glass replacement, and storefront and commercial glass replacement.
Old windows often suffer from issues due to broken latches and deteriorating hardware. We offer affordable pricing on window hardware repairs, including window operator and accessories and support balancers and mechanisms.
Even with regular maintenance, you will eventually need a new window. Our Chicago window repair company offers replacement windows for affordable prices. We remove old wood windows and replace them.
Most windows can be fixed and last longer with proper maintenance. If your windows suffer from issues such as rotten wood, peeling paint, or failing seal, our Chicago window repair service can help.

Wood Window Issues We Help You With


Rotten Frame Repair

We use brick molding, middle molding, and inside molding around your windows to strengthen the frame, provide insulation and protect from water damage. In addition to replacing rotten wood, our repair services fortify wood window frames to prevent future damage.


Rotten Sill Repair

Rotten wood sill repair is essential to preserving your home from water damage. We specialize in custom-making and replacing rotten window sills and subsills on-site with high-quality solid wood. When finished, the replaced sill/subsill will appear identical to the original window.


Rotten Sash Repair

Rotting sashes are a headache, but we have a solution! We’ll craft custom window parts with superior-quality wood and replace them on-site, guaranteeing a perfect match with the existing pieces. Keep your wood in top condition – let us quickly repair your windows!



Revamp your home and save money on energy bills with our caulking services. Regular caulking is important for window maintenance and helps keep your house properly insulated. Make sure your home stays comfortable and efficient with our re-caulking services.


Cracked Paint

Restore the beauty of your windows. We can repair any cracked paint, from minor chips to larger cracks, to ensure your windows look their best. Once we have finished our work, we will seal the finish for maximum protection and longevity.

We specialize in a wide range of wood window solutions, regardless of the structure or complexity of the job. Plus, we offer essential preventive maintenance services to keep your windows in optimal condition and help you avoid expensive repairs down the line.

Need a wood window repair service? Hire a professional company you can trust!

We offer competitive prices, top-notch service, and fast turnaround times. Get a free quote – you won’t regret it!

<span class="darken">We repair wooden windows</span> to save your money

We repair wooden windows to save your money

As a window wood repair company; we specialize in restoring and repairing wooden window frames and other accessories, including window sills, brick moldings, and exterior boards. Over time, weather conditions and aging wood can cause damage to these components, reducing the functionality of windows. Rather than opting for an expensive replacement, wood window restoration may be a better option for returning windows to their original state.

No matter if the wood has cracked or rotted, Apex Window Werks will try to repair the window. Whether it’s a new home that’s suffered some unexpected damage, an old historical residence, or a large commercial building, our goal is to preserve as much of the original wood as possible, maintaining the uniqueness and value of each property.

If we’ve exhausted all options and your window is beyond repair, we’ll replace it hassle-free.

Dedicated Team Members




Originally from Ukraine, Stanislav has dedicated his professional career to glazier management and quality control. With 6 years of experience, he is highly detail-oriented and reliable, ensuring consistent results with every job.



Alan is our reliable and dependable sales manager from Azerbaijan. He is highly responsible and takes his duties very seriously. He has proven to be an excellent manager and is highly valued for his commitment.



Dmitry is a carpenter from Belarus who specializes in custom woodwork repairs. He is a professional, neat, and hardworking team member who takes great pride in his work.



From Ukraine. More than 5 years of experience in all our areas of repairs. Persistent and driven person.



Sergey is a window specialist from Belarus with 15 years of experience in the industry, from manufacturing to installation. His meticulous work ensures quality and reliability on every project.
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Our wood window repair projects

Trusted Wood Window Repair Company

15+ years of Experience in Wood Window Repair

15+ years of Experience in Wood Window Repair

We have been working in Illinois and other states for 15 years, and by now, we have done more than forty thousand replacement repairs of wooden windows for homeowners.

We Keep the Original Look of Your Wood Windows

We Keep the Original Look of Your Wood Windows

We know it is essential to keep your wood windows looking authentic. So, we utilize all our experience and skills for your wooden window repair to restore the windows‘ original shape.

Your Saving - Is Always Our Number One Priority

Your Saving - Is Always Our Number One Priority

Window-replacing projects are costly ones. We are committed to serving our community and keeping our service affordable for everyone.

<span class="white">Words</span> from<br>Our Clients

Words from
Our Clients

The estimator came out quickly and was professional. I had the estimate before he left. The office followed up with me over the next few weeks as I wasn't ready to make a decision. I then affirmed to move ahead, they scheduled within a week. The installation crew was polite, professional, did great work. The cost was a good value for the work done. I would highly recommend. I'm delighted to have my two windows fixed. The one I can open again and the other I can see clearly out again.

Joanne Couture

Service technicians were polite, and professional. They removed damaged parts of the window, cut new pieces to fit, stained the wood and installed them nicely. The team cleaned up as if they were never there. I would recommend Apex Window Works for your window repair.

Glenn Kaupert

I was thrilled that Apex window works, had the right parts, and was able to come right out and repair my window on site. They were very prompt, and they saved me quite a bit of money over the replacement quote I got from another window company that didn’t do repairs.

Eric Hoffhines

FAQs about wooden window repair & restoration

How much does wood window repair cost?

The cost of repairing wood windows can vary greatly depending on the extent of the damage, the type of window, and the wood. We can only provide an estimate once our team has inspected the damage.

How long does wood window repair take?

Minor repairs, such as replacing broken glass or sealing a draft, may only take a few hours, while more extensive repairs, such as replacing rotting wood or reframing the window, could take longer.

Should I replace my old wood windows?

If your wood windows are still in good condition, don’t replace them. However, if they are damaged, warped, or not operating correctly, replacing them may be an excellent idea to improve your home’s energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Does your company repair wood windows at commercial properties?

Yes! Our clients range from brand-new houses that have endured unexpected wood damage to heritage homes looking to rock a vintage look to swanky corporate offices that need to get their business-like appearance and storefronts that wish to leave a good impression.

Get Your Free Estimate Today!

Get Your Free Estimate Today!

Our company offers window repair services for individuals and businesses in Chicago and the suburbs. We have all the tools and equipment necessary to repair your wood window frames and glass.