Window Sill and Sash Repair

Window Sill and Sash Repair

Window sills and sashes play a critical role in a property’s appearance, energy efficiency, and security. However, exposure to the elements can lead to degradation over time which requires professional repairs.

Apex Window Werks offers expert solutions for these issues, boasting a team of experienced professionals skilled in restoring window functionality and aesthetic appeal to safeguard your home against various environmental challenges.

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Window Sash and Sills<span class="darken"> Issues Apex Can Help With</span>

Window Sash and Sills Issues Apex Can Help With

At Apex Window Werks, we specialize in a wide range of window sash and sill issues that can compromise the beauty, functionality, and energy efficiency of your windows. Our dedication to quality, attention to detail, and use of superior materials make us the ideal choice for your window repair needs.


Cracks and Splits

Apex expertly fills cracks and splits to restore the structural integrity and appearance of your windows for lasting durability. Our precision techniques ensure a seamless match with the original material, preventing future damage and improving the overall performance of your windows.


Our team corrects warping issues, usually affecting old windows to achieve a snug fit and smooth operation, enhancing both function and energy efficiency. By addressing the root causes of warping, we not only fix the current problem but also implement solutions to mitigate future warping.

Water Damage

We address water damage by repairing or replacing affected areas, preventing further deterioration, and maintaining window health. Our comprehensive approach includes sealing and treatment options that offer long-lasting protection against moisture ingress to safeguard your windows against similar issues.

Pest Infestation

Apex combats pest damage with thorough repairs and preventative treatments to safeguard your windows against future infestations. Our services include removing damaged material and fortifying window sills and sashes against pests so that your windows remain durable and secure.

Loose or Damaged Joints

Our specialists tighten or reconstruct loose and damaged joints, restoring the stability and functionality of your windows. This process involves meticulous craftsmanship and using high-quality materials to ensure joints are stronger and more resistant to wear and tear.

Seal Failure

We fix seal failures, eliminating condensation between panes to restore clarity and insulation efficiency. Apex's repair services revitalize your windows' appearance while significantly improving their thermal performance which reduces energy costs over time.

Peeling or Fading Paint

Apex rejuvenates your window sashes with high-quality paint jobs that protect against elements and enhance curb appeal. Our painting services extend beyond aesthetics, offering a protective barrier that shields your existing windows from moisture and sun damage.

Stuck Windows

Our team releases stuck windows, addressing underlying issues for smooth window opening, improved access, and ventilation. By resolving these issues, Apex ensures your upper and lower sash functions properly. As a result, your home's safety and comfort are enhanced while maintaining architectural integrity.
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Window Sills and Sashes Repair and<span class="white"> Restoration Services</span>

Window Sills and Sashes Repair and Restoration Services

Apex Window Werks is your go-to expert for window sills and sashes repair, blending unparalleled skill with a customer-first approach. We recognize the importance of maintaining optimal window conditions in both commercial and residential spaces, offering timely solutions for any functional issues.

Our team adapts to various materials, from wood to modern composites, ensuring each window receives a tailored repair. We thoroughly assess and resolve challenges like difficult sash operations with precision.

Opting for Apex means choosing a company committed to your home’s comfort and safety. We stay ahead of industry trends to provide top-tier repair, installation, or replacement services. With Apex Window Werks, you’re selecting quality, innovation, and a dedication to customer satisfaction. Trust us for your window needs and enjoy peace of mind with every project.

Trusted Window Sills Repair Company

More than 15 Years of Experience in Window Repairs

More than 15 Years of Experience in Window Repairs

We’ve been working in the Midwestern states for 15 years and by this time we have completed more than 40,000 window repairs and replacement projects for our clients.

We Keep the Original Appearance of Your Windows

We Keep the Original Appearance of Your Windows

We understand how it is important to keep your window sashes and sills’ original appearance. So, we implement all our experience and skills to restore your windows’ original shape.

Affordability Is Our Priority in Window Sash Repairs

Affordability Is Our Priority in Window Sash Repairs

We understand that most window repair projects aren’t cheap. We’re committed to serving our community and want to make our service affordable for as many people as possible.

Words from<span class="white"><br> Our Clients</span>

Words from
Our Clients

Great service and an outstanding company to deal with! I thought it would be much more expensive to fix my windows but Apex did a great job for a reasonable price.


Marcelino and his associate were superbly trained, courteous and thorough in replacing a bay-window frame. They also painted the adjoining doors frames as a courtesy. I had some issues with one of the phone reps but on-site, this was a top-notch job.

Peter Kirstein

Responded on time and made clear what they wanted to do and duration of work. Left no mess to clean


FAQs About Window Sills and Sashes Repairs

Can a damaged sill be repaired?

Yes, a damaged sill can often be repaired, depending on the extent of the damage. Our skilled team at Apex Window Werks specializes in evaluating the condition and implementing effective repair techniques to restore the integrity and appearance of the window sill. In cases where the damage is too extensive, we recommend replacement to ensure the window’s functionality and your home’s protection.

How much does it cost to replace a rotten window sill?

The cost to replace a rotten window sill varies, typically ranging from $150 to $250. This price can fluctuate based on the sill’s material, size, and the complexity of the installation process. At Apex, we provide detailed assessments to offer accurate estimates so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

How is a sash window fixed?

Fixing a sash window involves several steps, including inspecting the damage, removing any deteriorated parts, and repairing or replacing the affected components. Our experts are adept at balancing the sash window’s historic charm with modern performance standards to achieve smooth operation and enhanced energy efficiency.

What is the price of replacing a window sash?

Replacing a window sash can cost between $250 and $550, depending on factors such as the window size, the sash material, and the type of glass. At Apex Window Werks, we prioritize quality and durability in our replacements, offering competitive pricing and expert craftsmanship to deliver value and satisfaction.

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