Sussex WI Home Window Repair, Window Glass Replacement Services, Windows Defogging and more

Sussex has the best home and commercial window glass services at their disposal. Apex Window Werks has been at it for 8 years, and our experienced and qualified team can handle any window emergency you can throw at them.

We fix and restore home windows and more:

  • Minor and major repairs.
  • Restoration of wooden home windows and doors.
  • Defogging and repair of double pane insulated windows.

Why replace it at high cost if we can fix it for less?

Replacing old and battered window frames can improve the appearance of your house. While this is great for giving it a more up to date look, it won’t be an option if you want to keep the heritage appeal of your property. The trouble is that you can’t just buy the exact same window sash to replace the broken one if it’s a really old design. Our team are experts at restoration of old wooden frames and doors, and we will have it looking  like new without burning a hole in your pocket. We also take care of the causes of water damage, like poor drainage. Good weatherproof sealants and paint will go a long way, but it may be necessary for us to tweak the design of your window or door to improve drainage and water run-off.

We defog your windows permanently

You may have been told that the best way to deal with permanently fogged up insulated windows is to replace them with brand new sealed units. This isn’t necessarily true. A damaged seal can allow excessive amounts of moisture in between each of the two panes of glass, and over time sediment can build up, reducing the window’s ability to provide thermal insulation. The water incursion can also cause damage to window frames. We re-engineer the entire pane with our specialized process, and install a more efficient and improved defogger seal and valve that will allow moisture to escape, and prevent future fogging up.

Reputable service from the experts

We are very proud to have gained a reputation as a highly reputable company in the window and glass installation business. Honesty, integrity and excellent workmanship are some of the cornerstones on which we have built our business over the last 8 years. We are very pleased that the top industry watchdogs agree that we are among the best. Our hard work has earned us a place on Angie’s List, right alongside the best service providers around. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) have also awarded us an A+ rating, which means that when you deal with us, you’re project is in safe hands.

Unbeatable service at your doorstep

We operate all over the Wisconsin area, and the demand for our superb service means that we expand all the time. We have the most cost effective options for you, and we can prove that by giving you a very competitive quotation. Contact us right away, and we will surely make you one of our many happy clients.