Thermal pane window – the new drift to save energy in Illinois and Wisconsin

Energy-efficiency is among the top priorities in today’s world. The air gap sand-witched between two high quality glass pane plays the pivotal role, they insulate the indoors. Installation of a thermal pane window is associated with a few misconceptions; we at Apex Window Werks would like our prospective customers to get a clear view into it.

  • Yes! It definitely costs more than the regular single pane window but also has a long life. Plus, it offers additional security over accidental breakage; you’ll always have the second set of window pane saving your back.
  • Many window-works company may recommend replacement of the entire unit along with the frame is the only possible option. But your existing window can be easily retrofitted with double glazing if there is enough space for to put up an outer pane.

Chicago’s own highly experienced Apex Window Werks team have been serving thermal pane window repairs and restoration for since 2009. We are also widely reputed for the excellence of work and offers
cost-effective services throughout Illinois and Wisconsin.


Apex Window Werks in thermal pane window repairs and replacements

Our stellar work has been quite appealing to generate new demands in Wisconsin, Illinois and nearby regions.

  • Masterful workmanship made our company earn a place on Angie’s List.
  • Our pledge for client satisfaction is rewarded with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • The dedication and teamwork made us expand our reach to new locations.
  • Latest designs, specialized equipments, and durable work popularized Apex Window Werks in commercial markets throughout Chicago.
  • Cost-effective installation, repair and replacement services made us the Ace in house renovations in Wisconsin and Illinois area.

Foggy thermal pane window correction

Misty windshield has been the most prominent of problems that are associated with a thermal pane window. It is caused due to the space between the panes leaks air and moisture seep in to make it unclear and less energy efficient.  Apex Window Werks deals with it most competently; without consuming much time and at a fraction of the cost. However, defogging using valves and seal may not work properly when the moisture has condensation over prolonged period; such cases requires complete replacements. We decorate the aesthetics of your house and beautify your window view with all types of heavy duty, decorative and tinted glass that comes in all shapes and sizes.

Cost effective alternatives to conventional Thermal pane windows

  • Filling in the gas inside the air space is not really necessary. It can save you some money for sure. You won’t really mind the slightly less sound-proof house if you get a good amount of daylight lighting up your indoors.
  • Plexiglass is a good substitute to high-performance glass any day. The plastic composite makes Plexiglass somewhat shatter-proof as well as costs much less than thermal pane window.
  • Low –e coating can further reduce the energy consumption for heating. Instead of
    adding-on the third pane one can simply smear a double glaze with metallic oxides.