Window Mechanism Repair and Brick Molding in Elgin, IL

Fully restored and repaired sill, sash, and brick molding in Elgin, IL

As in many cases, water damage is the number one enemy of wooden windows. When you find that there is a buildup of moisture in and on your windows you may notice that the window mechanism will start to stick, the window will become harder to open and eventually will rot away or have made room for insects and mold to develop. In extreme cases, like the image above, water damage can completely degrade the window, the brick molding (the outside trim) and require a skillful repair.


Why does this problem occur?

The most likely cause of this is that the window sill was not installed at an angle sufficient to allow the water to run off and instead seeped into the wood. The resultant damage caused the lowest window sash (a sash window, like the one above, is made from composite panels to create a frame to hold the glass) to breakdown, the sash was then replaced, the window repaired and the angle of the sill was altered to ensure that the home was airtight, safe and less likely to have repeat damage.

Weather damaged windows not only detract from the aesthetic and monetary value of a home but, if left untreated, can also cost you in higher electricity bills due to energy from heating and cooling needs being lost via the leaks in the window. To ensure energy efficiency and cost efficiency consider immediately replacing and repairing any damaged components of your windows and doors.

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