How Much Does It REALLY Cost to Repair a Window?

When last did you have to repair a broken window? Did you do it yourself to save money? Or did you use a professional window repair company? Whatever your choice was, it probably started with an estimate from a few companies. And whatever you paid, you may not have been aware of the true cost of home window repairs. Things you could pay for include the glass, window reglazing, and installation of double pane windows.

Window Repair Cost

The real cost of window repairs

Beyond the obvious expenses like labor and materials, there’s one thing that most people don’t think about. The quality of the work never appears on an estimate. It’s usually not something you would notice until many years later. That’s if the work was good. If it wasn’t, you will have to repair the repairs a lot sooner. And it doesn’t take a mathematician to work out that it’s more expensive to pay for the same thing twice.

Is quality work expensive?

Apex Window Werks has built a reputation for quality work at a fair price. We consider client testimonials to be our best advertisements. And why do our past clients have such good things to say about us, and come back to us time and again? It’s because we go above and beyond what most other companies offer.

We have a staff of highly-skilled installers and artisans. Where many other companies focus mainly on installations of new windows, we also offer repairs and restoration. So, despite being a modern company, we have a very old-school work ethic. We believe firmly in never overcharging, and never selling you something you don’t need. We also believe in fixing things rather than just replacing them.

To repair or to replace?

One of our most innovative offerings is our window defogging service. One of the biggest headaches of homeowners with double glazing is permanent fog between the panes of double pane windows. Now, frugal people will look for a way to repair the foggy windows. Most window companies, however, will insist on installing a new window. Not us. We will offer you the option of using our defogging process. It removes fog, restores clarity, and recovers some of the lost thermal insulation.

Another popular service that we offer is restoration. We have expert carpenters on our staff, who can restore and rebuild wooden windows and doors. This is very useful if you are the owner of a heritage house. Modern windows can ruin the historic look of your property. Unfortunately, wooden windows and doors can rot and get damaged over time if routine maintenance was neglected. Obviously, you can’t buy the exact same thing anymore. That’s no problem for us, though. Our expert restorers have the skill to rebuild severely damaged sections to look just like new.

Energy efficiency

Many homeowners are advised to replace their old wooden windows with modern, energy-efficient PVC or aluminum ones. We don’t do that. We know that lower energy cost can increase the value of your home. But we believe it shouldn’t come at the expense of losing heritage value. We give our clients both. Yes, installing new windows is the easy option, and possibly cheaper in the short run. But this is only really the best option for new homes.

For most homeowners with shallower pockets, it could take decades before the energy savings make up for the cost of the windows. Sometimes a simpler solution is good enough. Even simple maintenance tasks can make a difference. When last have you looked at the state of the glazing on your windows? Window reglazing helps to improve insulation for a fairly low cost. This is especially important if you have older, single-pane windows, like those characterful wooden windows.



Protecting your investment

Your house is your biggest investment. With proper care and carefully chosen upgrades, you can increase its value over time. That means that you need to take care of things like fixing a broken window in time before it causes more damage. It also means choosing the kind of glass that would add value over time. Even simple things like window reglazing can make a difference, both in appearance and in energy efficiency.

Our company prides itself on the quality of our work. We also value honesty and good relationships with our clients. That means that we will always give you an estimate that reflects a fair cost. More importantly, we promise you great peace of mind that you have chosen the right people for all your home window needs.

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