Window Sills, Sashes Repairs and Brink Molding in Barrington, IL

Repaired water damaged window sills in Barrington, IL

Weather and water damage on wooden windows is a struggle for many homeowners and can sometimes result in total degradation of a window if not addressed. Water damage can affect your window sashes, sills and frames.

Window Sill Repair Barrington

Why does this problem occur?

In this particular window, as seen in the image, you can see a large amount of water damage visible near the base of the window and sill. This kind of damage typically occurs when the windowsill is not angled sufficiently, or the lip above the window is too insignificant, for water to disperse quickly thus resulting in the water pooling on the window and rotting the frame.

Why you need this fixed:

It is very important to address this problem because over time the damage will only worsen resulting in heat loss via the gaps in the window, can result in mold buildup and associated health risks and eventually will require a full replacement. The benefit of repairing rather than replacing the entire window, especially when the damage is localized to one region is that you get the same result without the enormous price tag of replacement.

Ensuring that your windows and brick molding (the exterior window trim that is most likely to deteriorate from weather conditions) are not deteriorated, the joints are sealed and that they are regularly treated and repaired when needed could actually end up saving you money in the long run on replacement and energy loss.

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