We Remove Fog From Home Windows

What are foggy windows and how does it occur?

A foggy window occurs when there is excessive moisture build up in your windows, not just on the interior or exterior, but between the actual window panes themselves. Fogged windows can occur in residential and commercial buildings but are more common in older thermal or double pane windows, and can severely obstruct your view.

Often a ruptured seal is usually identified as the root cause of foggy windows, but it is only part of the problem. The more destructive and damaging factors are actually temperature and pressure fluctuations caused by the sun and other factors, which causes wear and tear on the glass and on the seals.

Though moisture circulation and the evaporation cycle are natural and unavoidable, excessive moisture can set in and cause permanent damage, destroying the insulation properties of the windows.

Many people are persuaded to undertake expensive replacement endeavors, but this isn’t always necessary and can be repaired by experienced window professionals who have specialty skills in window defogging.

Who are Apex Window Werks?

Apex Window Werks are trusted experts in window and door repair and replacement. The company, and their experienced and qualified team, was established in 2008 and has since been listed on trusted review site Angie’s List and has worked hard to maintain their A+ rating awarded to them by BBB.

For a fraction of the cost of replacement, Apex Window Werks offer the highest quality foggy window repair services available in Wisconsin.

The Process

Apex will install Defogger™ valve and seals that can quickly remove moisture and condensation from thermal and double pane windows. The process will not only restore your windows to their former glory but aids in recovering the insulating R-Value to your windows, ensuring that your windows are well insulated and energy efficient (i.e. limits hot and cold air movement out of closed windows).

Experienced Apex Window Werks servicemen, with the aid of proprietary and precision tools, will repair and re-engineer your windows to become more efficient and ridding themselves of moisture. The Defoggers will ensure that condensation will no longer become trapped, without any mess or inconvenience to you.

Why choose Apex Window Werks to repair your foggy windows?

For the fastest, most effective and trusted service, choose Apex Window Werks- and here’s why:

  • The repair rather than replace method ensures the originality and aesthetics of your doors and windows remain intact.
  • The proven process will protect your windows for many years to come from any further damage.
  • Our preferred repair projects and use of energy efficient technology will save you time and money.
  • To top it off, Apex offers a comprehensive 20-year warranty

Call today!

For experienced, affordable and convenient professional service near you, Apex Window Werks will fix your fogged windows and bring them back to their original state. Pick up your phone or request a free quote via the Contact Us form and have your windows repaired or replaced in no time at all.