Home Windows Repair Services (Wisconsin)

The wooden or original windows on your house were designed to add to the character, aesthetics and functionality to your home or property. However, as many have experienced, time, weathering and moisture can wreak havoc on those once stunning windows. Instead of the replacing all those original windows and wasting unnecessary money and resources, Apex Window Werks can perform almost any home window repair.

With a skilled team of specialists with almost a decade of experience in window repair and restoration, Apex Window Works can repair your broken windows, frames, sills, sashes and seals in a timeous and cost-effective manner.

Home window repair: Frames, Sills, and Sashes

Apex Window Werks is a BBB A+ rated company that is now providing the Wisconsin area with top quality window and door repair, replacement and installation by our experienced and dedicated team. We take pride in our ability to maintain the originality of your wooden windows and are fully skilled and experienced with repairing the following:

  • window sills
  • brick moldings
  • sashes
  • window casings
  • double hung windows

Wooden windows

As we specialize in the repair and restoration of wooden window frames and other window fittings you can definitely call Apex Window Werks restoration experts. Fluctuating weather conditions and a limited lifespan can cause your windows to deteriorate, swell you become ridden with insects over an extended period of time. In order to save you money, we use our expertise to restore your original windows back to their former glory in the most inexpensive way possible without compromising the fundamental aesthetic.

Your cracked, rotten or damaged windows may have been caused by excessive moisture, poor maintenance by a previous owner, poor design or simply time. Apex Window Werks and their fast and highly competent teams are guaranteed to make your windows beautiful once more, as many clients have experienced before, no matter the age of their property.

What we offer

We use cutting edge technology and are equipped to handle any size project, no matter the intricacies, dimensions or scale as we handle both residential and commercial window and door repair and replacement services. Apex Window Werks can also repair or replace window glass and fogged windows. We do not only specialize in high-quality wooden windows but also vinyl, fiberglass or metal windows and aim to increase energy efficiency and provide reasonably priced services to suit your needs.

Of course, window replacement is sometimes necessary and some windows are beyond repair and Apex Window Werks will ensure that you are getting the highest quality service and guidance, and make sure that any repair and restoration projects will be perfectly matched to your budget.

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