Easy and Affordable Solution for Rotten Window Repair

Rotten window repair and replacement in Wisconsin

Apex Window Werks is synonymous to impressive window-work. Needless to mention, windows are indeed among the main features that accentuate the exterior appearance of any building. Be it your house or commercial space; our company attends to both personal as well as commercial markets in Wisconsin. Contributing to renovations and repairs for over 8 years, we have a great team with the right skills to commence the rotten window repair pretty aptly; most importantly at a much
pocket-friendly cost.

Remodelling is a planned undertaking. While our excellence in craftsmanship never fails to impress the customers; the new frame styles and latest designs add to the bravura of your house. However fixing a rotten window is often a necessity and mostly dooms the household without a caution call. An early detection can somehow deter the full replacement of rotten window. Spicing in timber being the lesser in cost among the two, repair work is more likely to be the chosen option.

Early signs of a rotten window that needs repair

Traces of rot may escape your attention easily. It is imperative to figure out that the frame has been fragile and wrecked before it’s beyond repair. Based on our client review over the years we’ve compiled a few early signs of rotting timber for you to watch out for.

  • Flaking of paint – though not a sure indication of deteriorating structure, it somewhat indicates a need for further inspection and repair services.
  • Air drafts – the sudden temperature drop near your window area could be due to the cooler air leaking in from outside.
  • Frosty window panes on the inside – condensation of moisture that seeped into the house with outside air.
  • Need for more heating than usual – inadequate insulation due to thinning of window timber.
  • Noise from outside are becoming more audible – the wrecked frame could no longer offer sound proof.

Finally, if you need one last confirmation beyond the assumptions; try to pierce a sharp object into the framework of your window. More the squashy-squishy the piercing feels, more pressing is the need for professional window repair services. Rust and corrosion being the yardstick for metal casing windows.

Cost effective rotten window repair and replacement

Accredited with an A+ rating by BBB (Better Business Bureau); we at Apex Window Werks value quality services and customer satisfaction as our real branding. We don’t mind walking the extra mile to suggest inexpensive options and discuss the layout of our intended course of work. Our company profile being adorned by the prestigious inclusion in Angie’s list, we are also adept in offering customized post replacement installations to suit specific structural and design requirements.

Each of our work guarantees longevity and strict follow-up schedule, so as to resolve any concern that may crop up shortly after commencement of repair work, if at all. You can always find a prompt revert to your concern and free quotation of our services; drop in a query to Apex Window Werks company to appoint from among the best rotten window repair specialists in Wisconsin.