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Quality Repairs and Installations for 8 Years Running

Windows and doors that are cracked, leaking, broken or rotting usually result in a costly fix and, if left unattended, can become more damaged. Apex Window Werks have the expertise to help you repair or replace your windows should you have any of the above problems in Woodbury NY, and we do it while being both time and cost effective. With our team of qualified and highly experienced individuals, we will help you with all of your window and door repairs and replacements.

Our Credentials

Apex Window Werks has been delivering exceptional and quality services and workmanship consistently, as a result of this, we have been added to Angie’s List. This is an important accomplishment for us and we work hard to keep ourselves on this list. It’s not just Angie’s List that has been swept away by Apex Window Werks, the Better Business Bureau has given us an A+ in their BBB rating. These two accomplishments are what we strive for, and we are proud of our exceptional reputation.

What Can We Do for You?

Our expertise allows us to repair or install the windows in your home and we are skilled with any type of window or window sets: from tempered glass to specialized coatings, and anything in between. We are always readily available to help with any repair or replacement emergencies in Woodbury NY, because we know that glass is delicate and accidents happen. We will help with these emergencies effectively and quickly.

Our Quality Window Services in Woodbury Include;

  • Wood window/door repair and replacement services
  • Custom shaped glass installation and replacement
  • Commercial window repair/replacement
  • Fogged window repair
  • Window glass replacement

Our specialties fall under restoring wooden doors and window frames. While other companies will probably insist on replacement before repair, we use our exceptional skills to restore wood that has faced the elements. Why change your house when we can keep its original appearance and personality. If there are any designs that are ineffective or customizations for better drainage, we can fix that too. We will be cost effective too by only replacing what needs to be replaced.

Apex can eradicate the fogginess and all other issues from the condensation by installing our propriety defogger valve and seal. This expels any moisture trapped between the glass and retaining the windows original properties for many more years.

If customized and original sizes or shapes are what you want, we are able to exceed your expectations. We are able to cut glass to any specification and we guarantee an exact fit. We can offer this service for any type of glass you require for your door and window needs.

Apex Window Werks is not just for the home, we offer our services for commercial glass repairs and installations as well. We will help with broken factory windows that give entrance to wild birds and harsh elements. We can create display windows for shops to help bring the business rolling in. We will even give you the glass you need to sustain proper insulation for the comfort of all your customers and staff.

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We work to broaden our reach and we have already made several clients in Woodbury very happy. We are eager to bring you the very same outstanding window repair and installation services. Feel free to contact us for a free quotation which will bring a smile to your face. Woodbury, NY has already had several happy clients and we plan to broaden our clientele horizons. We are ready and waiting to bring you the same amazing services in window repair and installation so feel free to contact us for a free quotation.