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<span class="darken">Our</span> window services

Our window services

Our glass window repair services apply to all types of windows, no matter the shape, size, or location.

Wood Window Repair Services
Our company offers window repair services for individuals and businesses in Chicago and the suburbs. We have all the tools and equipment necessary to repair your wood window frames and glass.
Window Repair
Whether replacing a broken window or repairing a damaged one, our team's skill and know-how can tackle any challenge, no matter how complex. With years of experience and many successful projects, we're a reliable partner you can count on for efficiency, professional craftsmanship, and exceptional customer service.
Window Restoration
As part of our restoration services, we can replicate and refinish any missing sashes, window units, and millwork or replace or repair any damaged pieces to restore the original look and functionality of old or deteriorated windows.
Window Maintenance

Window Maintenance

Maximize your energy savings and extend the life of your windows with regular window maintenance! Our experts inspect frames, sills, and tracks to guarantee their optimum condition. We also check for drafts and leaks and apply weather stripping and caulking to keep your windows at their best.
Glass Replacement
Do you have shattered, cracked, or broken glass? Our glaziers can fix or upgrade single, double, or triple-pane glass on residential and commercial windows and doors. We also have a wide selection of shatterproof and toughened glass for added strength.
Emergency Glass Repair
We keep a large selection of glass in stock to ensure customer satisfaction, but if we don't have what you need, we'll come to your business and perform emergency board-up procedures, measure the frame, and order new glass immediately.
Commercial Window Replacement
We guarantee your customers will be safe and your commercial enterprise secure. We provide top-notch glass repair and replacement services using only the best materials from top-quality manufacturers combined with excellent craftsmanship. You can rest assured that your glass windows are durable, attractive, and withstand regular use.
Window Hardware Repair
Trust Apex Window Werks for expert window&door hardware repair services. 👍 15 Years of Experience. Contact us today for reliable and professional window repairs!
Window Replacement
We provide a wide range of window installation services, from repairing small cracks in existing windows to replacing entire window frames and everything in between.
Our <span class="darken">door services</span>

Our door services

Door Repair Services
Whether it's the door to your front entry, back entry door, garage door entry, or garden door off to a patio, we can make your needed door adjustment or repair quickly and efficiently.
Door Replacement
Our door installers can help you maximize your home's energy efficiency by inspecting and replacing your doors to ensure they are airtight and keep out noise.
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